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Greetings Citizens!

Our Gear Shop is loaded for holiday shopping!

Shipping's Included


    Order Two or More and Get $2.22 OFF each additional ornament. Discount is automatically calculated at checkout. 

    🧤 Helping Hands: For the month of November, $2.00 from each ornament will go to help our cook Lorenzo. He's had a rough health journey since this time last year on his birthday weekend, and each ornament will help him get caught up in time for the holidays with his family. He's a great help to us, a Super Dad and one Amazing Grillfather! The only ornaments excluded from this are any that may be directly under the Fundraising Collection.

    The Grillfather 2023 Round Metal Ornament - Buy 2 or more and SAVE $2.00 on each additional ornament


    Soccer Santa Ornament - Fundraising for DHS - Order Two or More - $2.00 off each additional ornament